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Efficient, Professional, and Friendly

I’ve been a customer of Thomas & Thomas Solicitors Ltd for over 10 years. It’s easier to ask, “What haven’t Thomas & Thomas done for me”?

Whilst building my portfolio of properties, Thomas & Thomas have transacted property purchases, property sales, lease extensions, powers of attorney and retention disputes not only for my wife & me but also for our daughters, friends and close contacts.

What’s most impressive about Thomas & Thomas is the work ethic. Melissa Thomas has, over the years, frequently called me or emailed well after office hours and on several crucial occasions at weekends.

Melissa is one impressive lady. Through thick and thin, I think, she has built an extremely competent company and a highly impressive team around her.
Melissa’s team is efficient, professional and friendly, but the cherry on the cake, the pièce de résistance, the absolute slam dunk for me is their quality of communication. The most annoying issue with lawyers in general is their lofty disregard for ‘getting back’ to clients in a timely and reassuring manner – that is not the case with Thomas & Thomas they are swift, punctual and above all accurate.

The Thomas & Thomas team is festooned with many lovely, professional people. In particular I must mention Jean & Susan, who epitomise the friendly, efficiency that is Thomas & Thomas. Team Melissa is also ably and professionally supported by people like Heidi, Tom and Claire who, I’ve found, are faultless in their dealings with me.

However, towering above one and all, is Melissa Thomas. She is, without question, the star in the firmament – I cannot thank her or praise her enough for all her hard work for me over the years and hopefully for many more years to come.

For those reading this, just one more point I’d like to make, I have never met Melissa or the aforementioned team, I’ve never been to their offices, all my transactions have been completed by mail, email and phone whether I am in the UK or elsewhere. The point is this; you don’t have to be local to avail of the services of Thomas & Thomas, you can be National or International.

Suffice to say folks – it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, I highly recommend Thomas & Thomas Solicitors Limited.